Julie Lucier, RLA

principal / founder

Julie has been designing landscapes for over ten years. She is  currently dedicated to working with the team at Ryan Associates, but she has the flexibility to work on independent projects as well.  Throughout her career she has worked for local firms specializing in high end residential landscapes as well as firms working on mixed use, institutional, and residential developments. She approaches each project by gathering information from the client and the site and then utilizes this information to produce a durable landscape which is a model of sustainability: to include responsible stormwater management, planting design, and sustainable materials.   She keeps an open mind in the detailing of a design using innovative materials and techniques; working with local contractors to fabricate unique places. Aesthetically she leans towards a minimal palette of materials and planting, but also appreciates the duality of historical remnants in a contemporary context.   

Julie is a licensed landscape architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and an undergraduate degree in Biology.

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::: used to invite a comment or question

::: a new branch springing from the main stock of a tree or other plan

::: a sending out of new growth

::: such as a stem or branch with its leaves and appendages especially when not yet mature

::: the part of a new plant that is just beginning to grow above the ground

::: a new branch and its leaves on an established plan

::: move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction